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How To Handle Your First Experience With An Escort

The first experience with an escort always produces a heady mix of emotions and sensations. For most guys, it comes hand in hand with a certain degree of apprehension and fear. They worry about being ‘found out.’ They worry about how to treat the escort. They worry about whether paying to spend time with a woman is morally suspect.

The good news is that these feelings tend to be pass very quickly, especially if you are lucky enough to spend time with an experienced escort who knows how to put clients at ease. A good escort is one who can be professional and personal at the same time – there have to be rules in place for her protection, but sexual contact without personality is unappealing.

A Time for New Experiences

The modern escort occupies a confusing place within society, which is why so many men find their interest in this kind of service unappealing. Yet, as long as the woman is treated with respect, is working as an escort voluntarily, and is paid fairly for her services, neither her nor the client are being exploited – they are just two people out to have a great experience.

If you are thinking about hiring an escort, but have never used this kind of service before, it is always better to search for an established agency like Whilst it might feel like a better idea, in terms of discretion, to arrange a meeting on a one to one basis, a matching service can provide protection for both you and the escort.

Seeking a Trusting Encounter

In terms of the meeting itself, there are a few guidelines to follow if you want to have a great time. The first is that she is in charge – anything which happens must happen with her consent. For guys who are feeling a little nervous, it can be useful to just sit back and let an escort take control. You can ask her to undress first, find out what her favorite position is, or even have an informal and non-sexual chat before you start.

Essentially, as long as both parties consent, whatever happens behind closed doors is your own business. Plus, the other big benefit of using a matching service is that your identity and activities will be given more formal protection. If a company has a reputation for being indiscreet, it will never attract any clients, so know that the one you choose has a vested interest in keeping details of your services under wraps.